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Rhino wallpaper glue

Product Name: Name: Rhino wallpaper glue

Introduction: import wallpaper glue 1 gallon ( multipurpose, wallpaper, Qiangbu use )

Import wallpaper glue is a professional wallpaper glue, can be used to post all kinds of wallpaper, wallpaper surface can be used from the special heavy vinyl wallcovering to slim type, such as silk, leather, plant fiber, the fabric surface, import wallpaper glue to provide you with efficient mildew-proof and later avulsion function, regardless of is used in the surface treatment done or no pretreatment of the wall, are not made any damage on the wall.

Product advantages

Can be used for the 40 I, II, III wallpaper "

Can be well applied in the slim and special material

With the construction of mobility, can be good to repeat tear paste

Moisturizing properties, prolonged dry time

Water can clean residual glue, clean easily, leave no stains

The quality is fine and smooth, consistency and stability

Frost resistance stability, VOC standard

It is an ideal product for glue machine glue

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