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Introduction: the product introduction

The wallpaper powder selecting manufacturing 100% imported raw powder and pure natural materials, 100% safety and environmental protection, is a new generation of free rubber products.

Product characteristics

1, the neutral non-corrosive formula adhesion super avoid wallpaper slotted;

2, there is no need to add glue, easy to use;

3, easy to clean, do not leave stains; super mildew and weathering properties.

Product usage guidelines

The use of wallpaper: on the pH sensitive wallpaper ( for example: pure paper, non-woven paper, metallic inks and other special materials wallpaper )

The wall requires: solid, smooth, clean and free of grease. Suggestions for moisture-proof treatment on the wall in advance!

Drive parameters

Wallpaper types against water gelatinization time paste area

Pure paper wallpaper 5-6 rises 30 minutes 18-23m²

* Note: the above construction parameters are obtained from the laboratory tests, for reference only, the actual construction of the brushing area data as wall and construction techniques.

The glue method

Step 1: according to the amount of adding water, will clean water right amount into the bucket.

Step two: into the wallpaper powder, continue stirring for 1 minutes, let the wallpaper powder granules imbibed dissolved fully dispersed.

Step three: static waiting for 30 minutes, let the wallpaper powder continue to absorb water, glue process is complete when the gel state solution into a homogeneous, viscous. Before using the uniform mixing can be.

Storage: keep tightly closed in a cool, dry, ventilated environment; to avoid direct sunlight.

Matters needing attention

1, do not eat, please safekeeping, do not place to contact in children can place;

2, direct contact with the skin or after completion of construction please use clean water;

3, the product of slotted immediately after use, to avoid damp.

4, the construction temperature of >6.

* advice: when overflow glue wallpaper surface, use a clean wet towel to wipe clean. Please try to avoid glue overflow, prevent the soiled wallpaper.

Net weight: 300 grams.

Executive standard: JC/T548-1994

Shelf life: 12 months

Production date: see the packaging label qualified

* such as found in the construction of abnormal phenomena, please immediately stop construction, and consult the dealer for technical support.

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