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Name: name of product:  Eiffel

Introduction: the product introduction

This wallpaper primer has strong alkali resistance, moisture-proof performance, antibacterial anti-mildew, closed to fine cracks, permeable and closed base, in close combination with the latex paint layer wall to form a dense protective film. To prevent the latex paint layer powder, improve the weatherability, closed treatment for wallpaper construction wall; protective film sealing performance, can effectively isolate the liquid water leakage, wall for preventing lime, alkaline substances, concrete erosion wallpaper, strong alkali resistance, protect the wallpaper.

Multi-functional efficiency formula, construction 1 requirements for a variety of wall of basement membrane.

The enclosure walls cracks and pores, make walls smooth paste, provide good surface.

High performance formula, with alkali resistance and moisture-proof, anti-mildew ability strong.

Product usage guidelines

Application: walls Rujiaoqi wall putty, walls, waterproofing paint, gypsum panel, wood and other solid surface.

The walls need: precoating wall surface must be firm, smooth, clean, no loose material; make sure the precoating the walls dry ( base moisture content <9% ). PH <12, for those who may be moldy place please use efficient sterilization cleaning, dry completely before pasting wallpapers.

Construction conditions

The construction of wall temperature of >6 ℃<40shall, at room temperature, relative humidity, <85%, such as found in the construction of abnormal phenomena, please stop construction immediately, and consult the dealer for technical support.

The wall basic index

Wall type against water besmear brushs number brushing area

Ordinary putty wall 1:0.5 2 times 15-18m² /L

Paint the walls and not against the water 1 times 12-15m² /L

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