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What is the cause of the gel permeation
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1, the wall fabric is too thin

The glue is too thin (the glue may also lead to gel penetration), and some glue in the glue will flash through the composite layer to the surface of the wall cloth.

2. The thickness of the brush is too thick

If the glue brush is too thick, too much glue will make the paving wall cloth appear uneven, then the experienced technician usually kneads the glue to the marginal place for the smooth and strong kneading. In this process, the glue is kneaded through the wall cloth, and then causes the person to overflow the glue.

3, construction of East and west fault

In fact, many wall cloth have construction requirements to clarify, only some of the construction workers did not mind, or deliberately did not comply with the standard requirements for construction. When the scraper is used, the wall cloth will be overloaded. It is recommended to use a bristle brush. The contact surface between the brush and the wall cloth is larger than that of the scraper, and the mane has softness. Other bristles brush will not leave scratches, silk hooks and other damaged wall cloth phenomenon. The method of construction must be gentle.

4, the construction time is not good

When the glue is brushed onto the wall, if the glue is thinning, it will be very wet. If it does not wait for a little bit of dry glue, it will be able to add glue quickly.

5. Improper treatment of the Yin angle

In the construction of the overcast corners, it is better to remove some glue with a small brush, leaving only a thin layer of glue, so that there will be an attack to prevent the penetration of the negative corners.

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Published: 5 /7 /2018  
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